Thursday, December 3, 2009

An Award from Rachel

The lovely Rachel has given me another award. Thank you, Rachel. I am so pleased you thought of me and thank you for the lovely things you said on your blog.

I have to do several things now. The first one is to link Rachel in to this post. I've done that - if you click on her name here it will take you to her blog. She makes wonderful cards and the amazing thing is that she is still only 14 years old! Please do go take a look - I am inspired every time I visit her.

The second thing is to tell you 7 "interesting" things about me. Ha - I'm a very boring person!

Here goes:

1. I love football (especially Celtic and Scotland) - it's the passion of my life. I've even been known to refuse to go out if there's an important match on t.v. It drives my daughter nuts.
2. I have 2 very rare, serious illnesses - Addison's Disease and Polycythemia. They're not connected just two rare diseases in the same body. How clever am I - not!
3. I like painting and decorating.
4. I hardly ever visit anyone. My sister is probably the only person I go to see much apart from my children but at Christmas I invite the whole family over.
5. I love the seaside - rock pooling, fish and chips, ice cream, the whole lot. There is an ice cream parlour in Scarborough called the Harbour Bar which has the best ice cream in the world. Sometimes I feel a Knickerbocker Glory coming on and we just have to go for a weekend. All that way just for an ice cream!

Enough rambling. I'm now supposed to pass this on to 7 other people and link them in. That's the hard part because I don't know many people so I'll have to give that some thought but that doesn't make the award any less special. Don't forget to go visit Rachel.



critchley creations.x said...

glad you like it! Rachel xx

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